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We help organizations develop private collaboration spaces best fit for solving specific environmental issues across cross-functional teams.
✓ Customize Solutions, Content and Members✓ Custom Domain, brand, colors and imagery✓ Own 100% of your member data✓ Integrate seamlessly with your website, product or membership experience.

  • Our R&D and sustainability teams has found Ubuntoo to be a great source of information on new potential partners, new solutions, and ideas for our own testing and development plans. We love the fact that you can find everything you need in one place.”

    Sharayla Cleare

    Open Innovation Leader at Clorox

  • As part of a social media blitzkrieg it's been an accelerator for Bloom! We know 100,000s of views occurred and people know about Bloom™ from all over!”

    Ryan W. Hunt

    Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at ALGIX

  • Ubuntoo gives you access to their amazing ecosystem of sustainability entrepreneurs, innovators and experts.
    Unlike designers, who tend to want to develop their own solution, they provide access to the best cutting-edge innovations out there already. And unlike consultants, they prefer to give you access to a network of external experts rather than building an internal team. That speeds up the process and keeps the costs down.”

    Andres Kiger

    Vice President Marketing at Global Partners at Converse

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We believe that the world's biggest environmental issues can indeed be solved. By connecting individuals through an online platform, our mission is to accelerate sustainable solutions for collaboration and global impact.

 "In Africa we have a concept known as ubuntu based upon the recognition that we are only people because of other people." ― Nelson Mandela

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